Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Friday, January 11, 2008

Moving On XXXI, (The Certainty and Uncertainty of Sensations)

The separation of believers in God and non believers exists because the non believers say that God is not sensual, which means that God cannot be sensed. For this reason, non believing scientists believe that our mind is an image of the sensations detected by the brain. In my book, I disagree with the non believers. There, I say that mind is a thing and is the first thing that God creates so that man can measure all created things. In my book, I also inform the reader of the 1920 linguistic discovery that empirical data are primarily symbolic. This means that our mind is primarily symbolic. The 1920 discovery thus requires that a meaning must be given to every symbol.

Since all empirical data symbols must be given their unique meanings, the symbols that identify empirical data must define each other. Today, only the physical sciences have been able to identify symbols that define each other. In Part I, Ch. 5, I show how the physical sciences have done this. This success became possible after physical scientists found many physical Laws of Nature. I conclude that these physical laws are necessary because they form an infrastructure of life. But, the life sciences have not found any laws of life, even though the founders of the USA knew about these two laws and authorized them in the Declaration of Independence as the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. Although physical scientists have been successful, their physical laws have not been able to make living things from physical matter, Thus, the universe must have a creator. And man must search for those laws of life that God included in the universe.

With symbols, sensing alone is uncertain. However, our physical scientists have shown that ‘laws’ can make our senses certainties. To make any laws, our minds must be freed from the sensing facilities of the brain. When the mind is freed from the brain, the mind must be an independent thing as I have been saying. The human mind is thus pure reason. Its contents are images of the things a person knows about the universe.

Apparently, the ignorance of the philosophy of symbolism is misleading our physical scientists, logicians, mathematicians, and atheists. But, this philosophy is misleading all fields of thought, especially the fields of theology and religion. To theologians and religious, I ask, ‘How can any religion say that their scripture is filled with truths when they are filled with symbols?’


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