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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Moving On XXIV, (The Moments of Things)

New Year Day is a day of making resolutions. One possible resolution for many people throughout the world is to quietly tell the slave masters that they can no longer enslave you because you will become a new person, who is a self-developing Spirit. This self-development means that you will think and act as an independent human being and will turn your interests away from some of the interests you had in the past so that you can turn to the future and the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. For instance, a new resolution might turn you away from negatives produced by a bad friend, Darwin’s evolution theory, gambling, non sequiturs, overeating,, prostitution, atheism, suicide bombing, drug use and sales, computer virtual realities, surreal numbers, and crime.

Making such resolutions will become simple if you learn about the moments found in the development of all things created by God. For instance, we can observe three moments of the development of an existing plant in spring. They are as follows: (1) budding, (2) blooming, and (3) seeding. Further, in the Bible, in Ch. 24 of Matthew, Jesus Christ, tells us to study the moments of the fig tree. These moments give us ideas of how we might identify the past and future moments of the darkening of our sun. The moments of some things on a planet are very complex because a planet has large things. For instance, scientists cannot be sure that the earth is currently warming due to our technological mistakes. I question the ‘warming theory’ because scientists do not study the universe as an organization of independent things. I conclude that ‘earth’s water’ is a very large thing and might be developing a new moment. Like small things have consistent independent parts (e.g., a whole human being), I believe that large things also have consistent independent parts.

To self develop, a person must conclude immediately that the mind is an independent thing and is thus not a shadow of the brain as current scientists believe. As an independent thing, your mind will have a beginning, middle, and end. The moments of your mind will develop after birth in the middle region. This development will continue until you die and pass on. So, the moments that one will find in your mind are created by you. They represent the way you think and feel about the other independent things in the world. Since inconsistent thoughts and feelings can lead to mental and bodily problems, only consistency can lead to a healthy life.


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