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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Moving On XXIII, (Unifying the People of the World)

In yesterday’s blog I say that the Western world is a world of slavery. It is such a world because the leaders of its nations do not teach their citizens that ‘human development’ is a natural activity of every human Spirit. This development begins with ‘birth’ and ends with the natural process of death. Development is a continuous process because the death of any thing is followed naturally with a rebirth in a new body. With respect to the continuous life of humans, the knowledge about rebirths is unknown. Thus, a Muslim in Iran, for instance, could be reborn in the USA to a Christian family and a Christian in the USA could be reborn in Iran to a Muslim family. Obviously, God’s intelligent design will eventually develop a single language, single political system, single science, and single religion worldwide.

Instead of teaching this natural human activity, most leaders merely seem to seek new political, religious, or scientific powers. This desire for more power can be seen in the institutions of all Western nations, Thus, I conclude that our leaders do not understand the modern God, God’s intelligent design, and God’s creation. It is thus clear that no free people under God exist anywhere in the world.

Accordingly, I ask people worldwide to stop killing other people so that political, religious, and scientific leaders of the world can meet immediately to identify and plan the changes necessary to free every person in the world. At the same time, I ask the parents worldwide to teach their children how to self-develop their own minds so they can conceive and understand God’s creations.

Common to all nations is a single political system consisting of a Union of free people who are guided by the Laws of Nature, the Laws of Nature's God, and a self-government of, by, and for the people. This self-government must increase the perfection of the Union continuously.


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