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Friday, December 21, 2007

Moving On XVII, (German Language vs. English Language)

In this blog, I argue that the English language is ugly because it develops the human mind improperly. On the other hand, I say that the German language can develop the human mind properly. These two languages are as different as night and day because the English language is based on Aristotle’s method of defining concepts with logic whereas the German language is based on Plato’s higher ideas.. Thus, I say that if the USA does not fix its language, it will fall apart. One might conclude that the USA is falling if one examines the world educational statistics.

The English language could have been fixed after the restoration of the England’s monarchy in 1660. Then, England’s leaders sought help to fix the English language because France’s John Dryden had viewed English as barbarous language compared to the French language. In 1662, England began to act by approving the Royal Society. At the same time, a committee of 22 was appointed "to fix the English tongue particularly for philosophic purposes." This committee failed. A second attempt to fix the English language began in 1712 by Jonathan Swift. Swift was a great friend of Queen Anne, who died suddenly in 1714 after she encouraged the American colonies to become independent of England. Many historians say that Anne was murdered also because her grandmother, Sophie of the Hanover House in Germany, recommended that Gottfried Leibniz, a consultant to the Hanover House, become the Prime Minister of England under Anne. Obviously, the political power in England was clear but the English language was always guided by Aristotle’s concept definition and logic.

With Leibniz as its leader in the 17th century, the monarchical nations of Germany, Austria, and Russia developed a new educational system for the masses of people. Leibniz even set up a debate with Isaac Newton to show that England’s view of the world was wrong. But, Newton feared Leibniz. Leibniz then set up a debate with John Locke. But, Locke died before the debate could be held.. We can trace the 17th century work of Leibniz backward to the 15th century work on negative theology of German bishop, Nicholas of Cusa, and forward, to the German work of Kant on the critique of reason and the work of Hegel on the self-developing Spirit. From theml, we can trace this German work to Karl Marx, Kierkegaard, Sartre,. Husserel, Heidegger, to Americans such as, James and Dewey, and to Hitler. Before Hitler, it is clear that the German language was always guided by Plato and dialectical thinking.

One cannot see God at all with logic and the English language. But one can see God clearly with dialectical thinking and the German language. Thus, unless the people of the US begin to read dialectical thinking and translated German works since the 15th century, I believe the American mind will continue to degenerate. Only books like mine will save the US citizens from a human disaster.


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