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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Moving On VIII, (Opposites)

All true opposites that are unified by God have nothing in common. For example, the pairs of opposites ‘True /False’ and ‘Infinite/ Finite’ have nothing in common. By definition, such opposites are absolutely different and are understood only with logic. Thus, these opposites cannot be compared with each other. Logicians know these opposites as ‘excluded middle opposites.’ However, the mind of man has also conceived opposites that are not absolutely different. They are relative and can be compared. For example, the pairs of opposites Hot/ Cold, Permanence/Change, and Cause/Effect are relative pairs and can be compared. Since these opposites are finite, in my book I call these relative opposites ‘included middle opposites.

Over time, new temperature symbols were added in the middle region between the opposites Hot/Cold. Some examples are Cool, Warm, and Tepid. However, the addition of new symbols was stopped after scientists learned that all temperatures can be numbered. This learning led to a thing called ‘thermometer.’ Today, our scientists are trying to number other included middle opposites. This has been a slow effort because many scientists are focusing their minds mostly on the content of ‘process’ and turn away from the content of ‘things.

Beginning/Ending form an interesting pair of opposites because they appear as both excluded middle opposites and included middle opposites. These excluded middle opposites are unified by God. But, included middle opposites are found in every living thing in the universe. Thus, in God, we find Beginning/Ending. But, in the universe, in all living things we find the trinity --- beginning, becoming, and ending. The concept of ‘development’ emerged from this trinity just as the concept of ‘temperature’ emerged from different temperature symbols. I believe that Friedrich Hegel and Karl Marx were the first to build ‘development’ into a science. To build this science, they focus on ‘things.’ To them, development has ‘moments.’ To Hegel, these moments for a science of the development of human spirits. To Hegel, spiritual development never ends. So, the idea of reincarnation is a natural developmental process for all Spirits.

I believe that US scientists are failing because they are building neither a science of ‘development’ nor a science of ‘things.’ I also believe that the negativity of the ‘dirty fission atom bombs’ of the US and Russia is a world disaster. Iran, or no other nation, should develop more of this dirty nuclear energy. I also believe that the development of ‘fusion energy’ will fail because its scientists do not know the science of things. I believe that the absence of a ‘thing science’ is confusing the minds of the world’s logicians.

Hey scientists. Become a scientist of things, not an atheist.


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