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Monday, December 03, 2007

Moving On II, (Politics and Government)

I conclude that the USA has turned too far away from its founding principles. Thus, we must return before the Union is weakened and is reconstituted as partitions. We must not follow those other nations that hate our new 1776 experiment to build a free nation. Yet, I conclude that this experiment was the correct human action. But, just like a human must correct himself or herself occasionally after being influenced too long by friends, the USA must also correct itself after being influenced to long by monism, materialism, and atheism. Turning our world into a nonliving machine by our monists, physical scientists, and atheists is a bad influence.

Further, using my book over the last year and a half, I have been suggesting corrections in our behaviors and the behaviors of the US government. This book emerged after I analyzed the meaning of the word ‘freedom‘ and found that freedom is not real in a machine but is real if God is also real. So, when I found that God exists and is the origin of all things in our world, I found that God is unlimited in all ways and that our freedom is really limited. This limit requires that humans have both personal and social responsibilities. So, the US government has been influenced too long by laissez-faire capitalism. In my book, I show that this bad influence occurred after the assassination of Abe Lincoln. So, some humans in our nations have been influencing the US government successfully, but wrongly and too long. Laissez-faire capital destroyed the Union and removed all social responsibilities from business and industry.

Furthermore, finding the existence of God reveals two distinct worlds, God’s infinite world and our finite world. The after death teaching that a human will live either in Heaven with God or in Hell with the Devil is thus not even possible. Thus, suicide bombers should not expect rewards from God. The atheistic teaching, that the human mind is a shadow of the brain, is wrong and comes from the godless theory of evolution. It is correct to say that people do not die. It is also correct to say that brains do not mature. The human mind is an independent thing and has a purpose. It begins by becoming conscious. It develops continuously, no matter where a person works. Mind is a self-consciousness thing that develops and guides the daily life of every person. In general, each life has a beginning, becoming, and end. In any particular life, a person becomes ‘a thing that is.’Then, the person passes on and dissolves in the flow of life only to begin a new one.

This is the life found in my book. The reviews of my book by five atheists are obviously silly and ignorant. In my next blog, I will prove their ignorance and the ignorance of other US institutions.


  • At 7:43 PM, Blogger Rev. BigDumbChimp said…

    How's all that press and publicity over your book going there George? It's been qquite a while since it came out.

    Oh there isn't any. That's right.

    Makes one wonder doesn't it?

    Go ahead with your conspiracy theories....

  • At 11:28 AM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    response to Robert Donovan (bigdumbchimp)of South Carolina,

    The Civil War is over, Robert. Like the flat world theory, don't you realize that Darwin's evolutionary theory and slavery have been refuted by "developing minds" and will be lost forever? Mind is not a shadow of the brain.

    You must have missed my 10/11/07 blog. It proves that the USA is a nation under God. Thus, many unAmericans seem to exist today in the USA.

    With respect to my book, it is moving, slow but sure. Good books require time. Todays bestsellers have no staying power. My book has staying power.

    Since the atheistic reviewers of my book can delete their silly reviews at any time, the longer they keep them there, the more they appear as a US conspiracy.

    To learn about the failures of today's science and logical reasoning, keep you eyes on my "Moving On" blogs.



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