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Friday, November 30, 2007

Presidential Election

As an independent voter, one must study the presidential candidates thoroughly. I am such a voter and have made my initial decision on the US President. Since I have expressed my belief system in my book, my voting decision for President of the USA is rather simple. So, I intend to vote for Rudy Giuliani. My decision was based primarily on Giuliani's response to two citizen questions this week.

One of these questions was on the Bible. Giuliani's response indicates that he recognizes that any scripture, including the Bible, must be interpreted many ways, not merely literally. The second of these questions was on infrastructure (bridges, clean water, flood control, crime control, control, highways, etc.). As mayor of NYC, Giuliani focused on the NYC infrastructure. This focus required NYC investments in public sector programs similar to the ones used by President Roosevelt in the 1930s. Using economic terms, Roosevelt's programs (WPA, ... etc.) can be called a trickle-up economy as compared to a trickle-down economy, which passes taxes through the decisions of the rich class.

On scriptures, I do not believe that scriptures can be written by God through scribes because God exists in an infinite world and we exist in a finite world. But, I do believe that God can appear in a finite world and does appears as the Son. So, I do believe that the New Testament has divine teachings.

On infrastructure, I believe that 'life'' requires a permanent infrastructure that makes our changing lives possible in a finite world.

In summary, any government must always focus its efforts on both the permanent and changing aspects of its citizens.


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