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Friday, December 07, 2007

Moving On IV, (Science)

In my blog On Moving On, III, I said that modern scientists limited their knowledge by rejecting pure reason (metaphysics) and God. With this limit science becomes a one-sided field of thought. This limit is like wearing, at all times, a pair of sunglasses that lowers light by 50%. Kant shows the effect of this limit. For instance, his antinomies tell us that we cannot determine whether the world has a beginning, is limited in spaces, has parts or not, is necessary or contingent, or whether we are free. (See p.38 of my book) As seen, the limit accepted by US modern scientists has confused the lives of all US citizens. It is leading to new and different crimes and human behaviors. But this limit will also explain the human causes of every war.

Unfortunately, these modern scientists have lured the colleges and universities, the fields of mathematics, logic, life scientists, and many non scientists to their way of thinking. However, their way of thinking has negative effects because today’s research in physics, mathematics, logic, and the life sciences are useless. According to news reports, these research failures are real and are growing. Recent news is not good because the performance of US 4th grade readers, mathematics, and science have fallen to the 19th to 25th ranking levels among many nations. I argue that these poor performances are the result of the rejection of God by many modern scientists, logicians, liberals, and atheists and the new ‘me generation.’ A few atheists even rejected my scientific proof of God on without even reading my book. These rejections are beyond real science and human dishonesty.

Since the security of the USA has two components, external and internal, I conclude that both of these components are being compromised by this arbitrary limit of Science. I informed the US government about these compromises. When is the US government going to realize that the USA is a nation under God, as I prove in my blog dated 10/11/07? And when are our judges going to stop playing ‘monkey say, monkey do’?’ Judicial precedence does not apply in a free nation that is perfecting its Union.


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