Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Moving On III, (Metaphysics)

In Part I, Ch.4 of my book, I discuss the formal development of human knowledge. There, one learns that pure reasoning (or metaphysics) and finite empirical data could not be unified by Kant. In Kant’s work on his Critique of Pure Reason, one also learns that finite data cannot determine the Absolute (God). Since finite data cannot determine the Absolute, the field of science discontinued its inquiries into the Absolute, rejected God, separated Science and Theology, and turned to atheism. But, some scientists and all religions have never rejected the possibility of determining the Absolute.

However, the shift of science away from God was an irrational course of action because qualities of finite things can never be compared with the qualities of an infinite thing. The field of science also became a one-sided field of thought. A rational course of action for science could have opened the search for ways to find qualities of God with an independent mind, which can measure the finite things that God has made. Thus, just as an inventor’s thoughts can be known by knowing what the inventor has made, our minds can know God’s thoughts by knowing what God created. (e.g., see Rom. 1:20) However, a mind is independent only if freedom is true.

In my blog dated 10/11/07, I prove that the USA is a nation under God. Since the founders of the USA say in the founding documents that God exists, I say that the freedom does exist. This freedom is the independence found in every created thing including the human mind. So, in my book, I agree with Nicholas of Cusa, who says that mind is the first thing unfolded by God in the universe. However, to appear in the universe, this first thing must be contracted by plurality. Thus, I recognize this mind as a plurality of spirits. I call them spiritual atoms. They become the atoms of the universe and combine to form independent things that can be measured by our independent minds.

So, contrary to the rejection of God by scientists and other atheists, I say that Science and Theology must be unified and that we can learn truths about God. This book is thus the first formal scientific attempt to measure the things that God created.


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