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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Moving On VI, (Things and Nothingness)

Although scientists deal with some things such as the sun, a moving baseball, or an atomic bomb, the symbol, thing, is seldom found in the index of any scientific book. Yet, this symbol will be found in most books on philosophy. So, one can conclude that things will be filling the minds of philosophers but not the minds of scientists.

The world is not a container that has an outside because it has a God who is both absolute maximum and absolute minimum. Beyond God will we find created things. The created things are related to each other and God. So, there is only one world. Since God is complete and cannot be exhausted, only God is able to end the existence of created things. Based on this single world, only concepts and ideas about this kind of world enter my mind. Since many US scientists reject God, what is entering the mind of a godless scientist?

Apparently, the mind of a godless scientist is filled with concepts and ideas about a universe that was filled with physical matter from a single physical particle that exploded. This matter is thought to become energy less in time and is also thought to be reducible to nothingness. The godless scientist thus speaks of an end to the universe. This scientist also speaks of the environment, space, and time, as if they were not in the content of things. More recently, space and time are unified and called ‘space-time.’ How can the concept, space-time, be a natural part of the content of any thing when time is man-made?

However, particle physicists are producing interesting research results on the relations among physical particles. They expect to find structureless particles indicating that free, point-like particles exist. I reject this possibility if all finite things form a single continuum. Leaps are not to be found in my universe. A finite physical thing is divisible and thus cannot become a zero point. The geometrical zero-point is the model of all of my spiritual atoms. Any finite physical thing is always divisible and cannot be transformed into something indivisible. I say that the universe must begin with spiritual atoms, which combine to form divisible things. I also say that the universe is always finite and thus has no end.

It is time for all scientists to accept God and the things he created.


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