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Friday, December 14, 2007

Moving On XI, (Mind, What Is It?)

Today, mind is distinguished primarily by believers and nonbelievers in God. For instance, the non believers say that mind is a property of physical matter. That is, mind is a shadow of the brain, just as one’s body has a physical shadow when standing in the sun. But, if you are a believer, you will probably agree that mind is an independent thing, which is a Spirit created by God. In general, Westerners say that mind might be (1) unique to humans, (2) in other animals, (3) superhuman, (4) a single absolute, or (5) a transcendent intelligence. Thinking is indispensable in most views of mind. These views can be different if thinking is caused only by the senses or thinking is independent of the senses. I say that no thing, other than God, creates things. As a believer in God, I also say that mind is an independent thing I call a spiritual atom. Such an independent thing can be found in everything God creates.

The divisions of the mind, as discussed above, emerged before Jesus Christ when the debates began between Plato and his student, Aristotle. Plato said that the mind is developed and filled with higher and higher ideas. But, Aristotle said that the mind can be developed and filled with facts. Today, this ancient debate still exists between believers in God and atheists. Believers say that the human mind can be developed with the help of God. Non believers say that the human mind is developed by Nature. These two beliefs divide the people of the USA.

At this time, no one can prove absolutely who is right --- the believers or non believers. In my book, I prove the first scientific proof of God.. Today, I wait to see the first scientific proof that God does not exist by atheists. Today, the US government is on the side of the atheists in terms of using taxpayer’s money to fund scientific research. Yet the founders of the USA were on my side.

Those logicians, who are atheists,. say that the reasoning of mind is limited to logical reasoning. Thus, they reject other forms of reasoning such as the 'sufficient reasoning" of Leibnix. This limit of mind hides God and many other things fromm us.


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