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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Moving On IX, (Development)

The idea of ‘development’ is universal in our thinking because it can be observed in all living things made by God and in all things made by man. In Part IIc of my book, I identify books on the geometry of life. These books on geometry deal with life and are very different from the geometrical books used by atheistic scientists. In all things made by God, we observe moments that distinguish the development of these things. However, these moments are not moments of a universal time. These moments represent only the different phases of the life of things. For instance, when we observe a plant on our planet, the moments represent the phases of beginning, middle, and end of the plant as earth moves around the sun. In the New Testament, in Matthew, Ch. 24, Jesus Christ teaches us about the signs of our darkening sun using the seasons of the fig tree. These signs are the moments we speak of today.

If we observe a plant closely, we learn that plants have a lower set of parts (roots) and an upper set of parts (stem, branches, etc.). For example, if one observes the development and growth of a plant, the person will see the moments of the upper part of the plant. One will see the development of the stem, branches, leaves, buds, blossoms, and seeds. However, logicians might also see logic in a plant. For instance, they might say that the blossom must refute the bud and that the seed must refute the blossom. This is not true because things are wholes. As a whole, all things in the universe have a basic principle that maintains the oneness of each thing. In my book and Leibniz’s Monadology these principles are dominating and distinguish and organize every species and all members of each species. Thus, no two things in the universe can ever be identical. Further, nothingness cannot exist in between things. Thus, no vacuums exist in the universe.

Humans also develop. Their developments also have two different kinds of moments. Like plants, human developments occur both in the mind and the body. So, much like a plant, which has a lower part and an upper part, a human has two primary parts. In a plant, the lower parts search for water and nutrients to support the life of the plant and the growth of its body. In a human, the mind searches for true knowledge so that one can perfect both the mind and body. All plants, lower animals, and humans have a seeding process that prevents their absolute death. So all living things are reborn. However don't believe that you will reborn with innate ideas. You will begin a new life from scratch. The culture in which you are reborn will hold the ideas that you will develop. But, if you are reborn in a third world nation, you must fight for rights you already developed in you last life. So, if you don't like to redevelop rights that you already did, you should stop helping people who are evil and create evil things such as a third world nation. And, if Christiam leaders believe that a person can go to live with the Lord after death, they owe their members a proof showing how a finite person can enter the one and infinite world of a monotheistic God.

The above discussion is evidence that the biological evolutionary theory and the physical Big Bang theory are illusions. This evidence is strong enough for the US government (especially the National Science Foundation) to fund a new scientific research initiative that would develop a ‘science on things. The evidence is also strong enough to secure the USA against the forces of communism and atheism.


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