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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Moving On XIV, (The Greatest Thing Is God)

When I could not find an interested publisher for my book, I had to self-publish. This is when I decided to create a book that represented a core of personalities who had already recognized the greatness of God. These personalities are Abraham, Moses, Plato, Jesus Christ, Constantine, Nicholas of Cusa, Leonardo Da Vinci, Gottfried Leibniz, Ernst Cassirer, and Georg Cantor. None of these personalities stopped their work as if they found the ultimate truth and could turn their life to other activities as Isaac Newton did. Today’s scientists also expect to stop their scientific work if they find the ultimate truth of the universe. Western world religions have also stopped their work saying that their scriptures are the ultimate truths and only need to be interpreted correctly. Some of these leaders also teach wrongly that a person needs only to be saved in order to get to Heaven.

Nicholas of Cusa sought the truth about the greatest knowledge in his book On Learned Ignorance (Bk. I, Ch.4). At his time, the greatest knowledge was described as ‘that which cannot be greater.’ However, this description was already known as the ‘maximum’ at his time. He concluded that we cannot comprehend the maximum and is not in the nature of things that are comparatively greater or lesser. Today, we might also say that the maximum can never be less than it is. So, Nicholas found the absolute maximum. We have maximums in our finite world. But they are finite maximums and never become absolutely maximum.

So the knowledge of a greatest thing, which we call God, cannot be comprehended by us. This means that our knowledge is always finite and can become greater or lesser. The knowledge of theologians will not become greater by limiting their knowledge to religious scriptures. Joel Osteen and D. James Kennedy are theologians who seem to be expanding their thought beyond scriptures. Further, the knowledge of scientists will not become greater by limiting their knowledge to a godless universe. It is clear that Science and Theology must become unified in every nation. Otherwise, worldwide knowledge will not grow and human conflicts will grow.


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