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Monday, December 17, 2007

Moving On XIII, (Freedom Can Come Only From God)

The first twelve Moving On blogs indicates that non believing scientists have been misleading the people of the USA with theories that are not proven and cannot be proven scientifically. These blogs also indicate that religions are also misleading the people of the USA with scriptural materials that are inconsistence or not proven scientifically. As a result, the people of the USA have become highly divided and have no way to unify themselves. This is an internal security problem of the USA. Some foreign nations hope that this problem remains so that the US falls apart.

This internal security problem became possible after Science and the Roman Church began to separate, initially with the first early Middle Age Inquisition, the heresies of the Cathars and Waldenses during the 11th and 12th century, the burning of about 2000 heretics at the stake thereafter, and more recently the imprisonment of Galileo (1564-1642) for saying that the earth is not at the center of the universe as the Church teaches. Eventually, the Catholic church admitted its error and in the 1980s apologized for Galileo’s imprisonment in. Fortunately, Western religious leaders stopped such inquisitions. However, they created two new wicked ideas --- that a scripture is the only source of proven truths and that a scripture is the Word of God. In my book and on this website, I argue that these wicked idea are false.

The founding of the USA in 1976 was the first effort to unify Science and Religion and unify them in a nation under God. But, this godly effort of the founders of the USA began to fade away with the assassination of Abe Lincoln. The motive behind Lincoln’s death seems clear. Darwin’s 1859 theory of evolution is godless and, if promoted worldwide, could remove God from the USA. To expand this promotion, atheistic physicists created another godless theory known as the Big Bang theory. By the 1970s, most US scientists became atheists. But, these atheistic efforts are failing. I say they are failing because human freedom can be proven only if God exists and creates independence in everything in the universe.

In my Moving On blogs, I try to show why God cannot be rejected by any field of science. I also try to tell Western religious leaders that a monotheistic God is very different that they are teaching. Hopefully, scientists and theologians consider these blogs because the internal security problem of the USA might be weakened and broken by external forces.


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