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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Moving On XVI, (Expressing Knowledge of God on Public Places)

I sent a letter to the editor of The Journal in Martinsburg (WV) on the subject of expressing knowledge of God on public places by religions. The letter was published on 10/19/07 and is presented below. I had prepared this letter because I believe that all people must always be aware of the history and new advances on the development of knowledge about God. Since the field of religion is one of the fields of thought that produces this form of knowledge, I believe that Religion cannot be separated from State on the matter of keeping all US citizens informed on man’s development of knowledge about God. A Museum of God should be allowed in any town or city.

Authorized to express God
Christians can win their rights to express the Lord in public places if they improve their understanding of the founding documents of the United States.

Lawyers are wrong to say that the Declaration of Independence has only one authority. It has two authorities. The first two paragraphs contain an authority that gives "the people" the right to express God anywhere. The other authority gave "the people" the right to go to war with England.

The founding documents do not separate State from God. These documents only separate State from Religion. Thus, the United States has always been a nation under God.

Thus, atheism and communism are un-American practices in the United States.


  • At 7:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You are correct that the Declaration of Independence does not separate the United States from God, however the Declaration of Independence has nothing to do with our rights. We have a separate document for that called the Bill of Rights which gives us the freedom to worship any religion of our choosing even if it is Atheism. Saying that atheism and communism are un-American practices is a stupid attempt to make a poor point. I am not against religious displays on public property (provided they are not offensive) but if you allow one religion you have to allow all religions. There are plenty of places for people to learn about the advances in the knowledge of God -they're called churches- and anyone who wishes to seek this information is able thanks to the Bill of Rights. If you don't agree that this is an ideal situation then I propose that you are un-American and truly don't understand how great this country is.

  • At 10:23 AM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    response to anymous,

    You are ignorant about the function of the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration is the highest law of our land.

    The Bill of Rights were attached to the US Constitution on December 15, 1791. Does this mean that the people of the US had no rights until 12/15.1991?

    The USA is a nation under God as I prove in my blog dated
    10/11/07. This is why I say that communists and atheists are unAmericans.

    I am not saying that religions should be allowed to express their religion on public places. I am asking all religions, all sciences, and all US citizens to participate, develop, and express true knowledge of God.



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