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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

An Update on BigDumbChimp, the Good/Bad Math Website and Website. They Still Do Not Understand Things.

If you search Google using my name (George Shollenberger), you will learn how the logicians and atheists in the USA are trying to stop the propagation of godly thoughts. For instance, look at the long blog (click), which is written by Mark CC, the blogger of the good math/bad math website. The brief blog is written by Robert Donovan, who is from South Carolina and is still fighting for evolutionary evolution and slavery. To Robert, the Civil War seems to still be active. (click). Neither Mark CC nor Mr. Donovan understand "things,' which have a determinate (or positive) content and also a negative content. The negative content distinguishes a thing form all other things. With their thoughts, the world is one-sided and has only processes. These thoughts guide their minds only to mathematical processes and evolutionary processes. Why can they understand processes but cannot understand objects?. The answer lies in the lack of development of their minds.


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