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Monday, December 24, 2007

Moving On XX, (Perfecting the USA Through Jesus Christ)

In the Preamble of the US Constitution, the founders of the USA said that one of the purposes of the US government is to form a more perfect Union. Since the mind of man is designed by God to measure all created things, all US citizens must ask their government about its yearly achievements of the perfection of the Union. This year’s achievement can be compared with last year’s achievements. However, perfections cannot be measured relatively. The perfections of a Union can only be compared with a perfect thing. But, the only perfect thing is God.

To compare the perfections of the USA under God, one must remove evils, one-by-one, from the USA. However, we can never stop these removals. That is, we cannot believe that we should learn to live with ‘accepted levels of evils,’ as many of today’s politicians believe. We cannot stop at specific ‘acceptable levels of evil’ based on the feeling that we are perfected. Clearly, the perfection of the USA requires the achievements of goals, whose purposes are to achieve the best of all worlds.

Achieving the best of all worlds under God requires that I disagree with many Christians who say that the role of Jesus Christ is to save and judge humans. I reject this role partly because it is inconsistent with a monotheistic God. Instead, I accept the role of Jesus Christ defined by Bishop Nicholas of Cusa. In Nicholas’ book On Learned Ignorance (Bk. I, Ch 2), Jesus Christ is the third maximum. This maximum is the goal of the universe God created. This role means that Jesus is both contracted and absolute. It also means that Jesus Christ is an eternal teacher who inspires humans continually. So, reincarnation and the endless development of the plurality of Spirits of the world are mandatory under God and the goals established by Jesus Christ.

If you study the sayings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament and review my research on the sayings of Jesus Christ in Part IIb of my book, you will see the teachings of Jesus and the goals he has presented for the future. Nowhere does Jesus teach that our world is coming to an end. Amen.


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