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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Moving On XVIII, (Geometry vs. Mathematics)

Geometry is spoken of today as the oldest branch of mathematics. But, geometry is not limited to the study of flat surfaces (plane geometry) and three_dimensional objects (solid geometry) as mathematicians and logicians believe. Geometry can be used in abstract thinking about the things God creates. Since all created things are images of God, the mind uses geometries to develop knowledge of these images. So, I say that mathematics is really a branch of geometry.

In Part II, Ch.1 of my book, I discuss the differences between a godly world and a godless world. I conclude that a godly world cannot be known completely but that a godless world is mechanical and can thus be known completely with mathematics. As you can see, atheistic mathematicians, logicians, and scientists are the people who placed mathematics above geometry.

Any good historian will tell us that mathematics was placed above geometry after Plato and Aristotle distinguished themselves and no one could reconcile them. To Plato, the completed knowledge of the world was impossible. To him, man can find higher ideas about God’s created things but cannot comprehend God at all. To Aristotle, logic is the path to exactness and all knowledge. If Aristotle was right, the universe is a machine and human freedom is an illusion.

As one can see, all Western world leaders are serving the people of their nation as if the nation must be controlled by a machine that acts like a see-saw used by children. In the Bible at Jas 1:8, the see-saw is like the double-minded man. To say that believers and non believers can live together is to say that people like the a see-saw motion in their government. I do not believe that humans can ever live constantly under a see-saw motion without regular conflicts and wars.


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