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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Moving On XIX, (Development of Man vs. Evolution of Man)

If one traces the use of Aristotle’s logic in the field of geometry, we will find that logic is a means to identify Plato’s higher ideas. For instance, Euclid used logic in his 3-D plane geometry by saying that ‘parallel lines do not intersect.’ However, in the 19th century, Euclid’s plane geometry was found to be limited after non-Euclidean geometries, e.g., spherical geometry, were discovered and the time zones were found to be separated everywhere except at the North and South Poles where they intersect. Then, when Riemann wrote his major paper, On the Hypotheses Which Lie at the Foundations of Geometry, Einstein was able to extend the theory of relativity, which destroyed Newton’s Universe that was based on Euclid’s geometry.

Aristotle’s logic can also be traced to the field of law in the courtroom of Cicero during the Roman Empire and in the canon of the Roman Church. This courtroom and canon had serious flaws which were not identified until Blaise Pascal wrote against this canon in his book on The Provincial Letters and Nicholas of Cusa began to write on his negative theology. For instance, in his book, On Not-other, Nicholas says that Aristotle could have spared us and himself great labor and did not have the need for an elaborate logic.

The existence of God does not mean that God is knowable. A monotheistic God is one and infinite. A monotheistic God is thus incomprehensible. Accordingly, all beliefs about God are opinions. But some opinions can be better that others. And, this is what Plato means when he speaks of higher ideas. And this is what Hegel means in his History of Philosophy (Vol. I, p.35). There he says, ‘it is unreasonable to believe that reason only is in Nature, and not in the mind.’

The use of logic must be limited to thought structures unified by God. Logic should not be used on continuous variables. For instance, logic can be used to distinguish opposing structures such as infinite/finite and true/false. Since the evolutionary theory proposed by Darwinian naturalists uses Aristotle’s concept definition and an elaborate logic, it cannot identify truths with Aristotelian definitions. Thus, I conclude that the development of man is true and the evolution of man is false. However, the history above indicates that the misuse of logic has impeded considerably the progress of man.


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