Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Moving On XXII, (The Western World: A World of Slavery)

In the yesterday’s blog, I present a truth related to my scientific proof of God. This truth is supported by the works of Friedrich Hegel on the phenomenology of Spirit. This truth says --- a monotheistic God creates all things with independence and negativity. If this truth is correct, one can say the following facts: (1) no Western world religion teaches this truth; (2) no Western world science teaches this truth because many scientists quietly reject God to hold their jobs; and (3) the first political experiment of a free nation under God, the USA, does not teach this truth.

Western world religions do not teach this truth because they do not recognize that modern world thoughts are questioning the ancient teachings of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim scriptures. Western world scientists reject God because they believe wrongly that man’s mind is only an image of sensations and cannot prove God. The USA does not teach this truth because the mandates of Declaration of Independence were wrongly limited by influential US lawyers who became members of the US Supreme Court. The action of this court has allowed atheism to become an active belief against God in the USA.

I say that these Western world religions, all Western world sciences, and atheism are the sole causes of all Western world conflicts and all US human conflicts today. If the people in the Western world correct these religions, sciences, and Supreme Courts, a beautiful and never-ending world peace would become possible quickly. These social problems exist because our national leaders do not understand what human freedom really means.


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