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Friday, December 28, 2007

Moving On XXI, (The Independence and Negativity of Things)

The concept of freedom is not understood well by most people throughout the world. People do not understand freedom mostly because they do not understand God. The lack of understanding God often causes some people to seek wars so they can enslave other people to their own misunderstandings of God. Good examples are Osama Bin Laden, suicide bombers, and the many 9/11 terrorists. God, who creates all things, does not expect any created thing to be ended unnaturally. God has designed every created thing so each thing has a natural death. Further, rewards from God are based only on laws of Nature. For example, reincarnation is possible after a natural death. The statement, thou shall not kill, is a sound statement made by Moses in his theory of God’s Ten Commandments.

God gave all things freedom when He gave them independence. Each created thing is a single thing that has determinate contents, which come from God as essential properties. However, the oneness of these essential properties is unessential because they form the moments of each unique and purposive thing. Since these essential properties differ from thing to thing, no two things are identical. Thus, the thing1 is not the thing2. It is also not the thing3, ... etc. So, each thing has positives and negatives. It has negatives because a thing is in opposition to all other things. The independence of a thing is thus maintained when it does not become part of the constitution of any other thing. For more details on ‘thinghood,’ see the ‘Phenomenology of Spirit’ by Friedrich Hegel (in Consciousness on Perception). Accordingly, Bin Laden, suicide bombers, and terrorists are going against God with their unnatural killings. They have also lost most of the independence that God gave them.

To understand God, one must understand the things God is creating (See Rom. 1:20.) And one must also learn how to express his or her independence to other humans. One does not understand the dogs created by God when dogs are asked to fight against each other. Nor do many people understand God and man’s creations when they create an atom bomb and produces a nuclear waste product that can destroy many humans, lower animals, and plants. And a pharmaceutical company does not understand God when it makes things (called pills), which produce side effects, And a person does not understand God when he or she fills the mind with falsities and dies unnaturally with cancer.

However, when people in the USA do not include the Declaration of Independence in the US body of laws, they are nothing other than living negatives who try to destroy the thing we call ‘a nation under God.’


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