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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Moving On XXV, (For a Person Who Wants to Develop the Spirit)

When I wrote and published the book ‘The First Scientific Proof of God,’ I closed the book with Part IV, ‘God’s Intelligent Design.’ After discussing the work of Moses, Plato, Gottfried Leibniz, and Georg Cantor in Ch. 1, I discussed man’s past as a path to Hell and man’s future as a path to Heaven. The future, as I see it, I accept God’s Intelligent Design and begin to show how man might adjust all nations to the Design. In closing Part, I thus understood God’s Intelligent Design as a world of spiritual atoms, which God creates in order to forms a single universe with functional (or purposive) things.

Soon after my book was published, my book was challenged by the Good Math/Bad Math website, its blogger, Mark C Chu Carroll, and logicians who are affiliated with the website, In time, I concluded that these people are mostly non believers in God and support atheistic scientists, Darwin’s evolutionary theory, and a godless universe that depletes all of its energy and thus has an end. To them, there is no hell, heaven, spiritual development, or reincarnation. After these debates ended, I began to conduct new research that could lift my book to even higher levels of thought. Such higher thoughts are appearing in this website and the ‘Moving On’ series of blogs.

If you have made a New Year resolution to turn away from your past, a past that I speak about above, so that you can begin to develop your Spirit (soul), I suggest that you consider and study the material in my book abobe (click) and the material found in the ‘Moving On’ blogs.


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