Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Moving On XXVIII, (The One Essence of God and the Many Essences of Created Things)

Some believers in God will agree with me when I say that all created things are images of God. However, other believers will not agree with me. Instead, they will say that only man is the image of God. I conclude that the other believers do not agree with me because they limited the development of their minds to material found in scriptures. As a scientist, I must develop my mind by studying science books as well as scriptures. As a scientist, I can thus say that all created things are images of God because science books and scriptures are telling a scientist that the one essence of God must somehow be found in all created things.

God is very simple for us to understand because God has no parts. Without parts, God cannot be comprehended by us. God can’t talk to us, can’t create scriptures, and can’t create a science book since God is monotheistic, God is One in all ways. Thus, God never changes and is thus the same God for all people. God’s essence or essential content is thus only one. Further God’s infinity is also only one. This means that God’s infinity is determinate, unexhausted, and completed. As seen, the one essence of God can be found in all created things because an infinite God creates one universe with finite things. Without the linguistic opposites, infinite and finite, and our conceiving minds, the theory that God exists would be false.

To give created things their essentials, God must contract his single essence by plurality, finitude, and relations. In each created thing, one can thus be assured that God has unfolded essentials and non essentials to make every created thing. The essentials make a thing ‘what it is’ and assures scientists that no other thing is identical to ‘what is.’


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