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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Moving On XXVII, (The Things Made by Man Are Not Like the Things Made by God)

The things made by man add to the things made either by chance or by God. If one believes in chance, all things made by chance are not essential and are thus unnecessary and contingent things. With chance, I conclude that man is unable to make things that are rational, safe, and healthy. On the other hand, if one believes in God, all things made by God are essential and are thus necessary and contingent. With God, I conclude that man is able to make things that are rational, safe, and healthy.

As seen, it is not possible to create a third field of thought on things. Thus, there is no fence on which our politicians can stand on the subject of things. People must learn the logic --- only believers and non believers can be possible. This dividing sword used by me was also used by Jesus Christ (Matt. 10:34).

Today, many scientists are non believers, Thus, I conclude that these scientists are unable to make things that are rational, safe, and healthy. Ever since God was removed from the USA following the assassination of Abe Lincoln, atheistic US scientists have been promoting the godless world of Darwin’s evolutionary theory to children. By the 1970s, all sciences in the USA became a godless field of thought. By 2006, the thoughts of these scientists are being challenged. But, this challenge could have been made after the atom bomb was made and created the cold war between the Soviet Union and the USA. Now, some Muslims want to make such a godless atom bomb. Don’t our world leaders know that the nuclear waste product of this bomb is irrational, unsafe, and unhealthy?

More recently, we are learning that the pills made by pharmaceutical companies throughout the world are also irrational, unsafe, and unhealthy. How many other irrational, unsafe, and unhealthy things and thoughts have man made? And how many irrational, unsafe, and unhealthy virtual realities have computer game makers made without knowing that they are destroying the minds of our children? Going further, our big colleges have made an economy for the USA. This stinky economy serves a rich class of people and does not serve the rest of the free people God made. As seen, man can also make things for life. Thee things made for life by man is not like the life God made for man.

In order to make rational, safe, and healthy things, I argue that our scientists must learn how we can make things just like God has made humans and other things. This means that science must develop increasing knowledge about the necessary and contingent parts that God has included in every created thing. One astrophysicist, Bernard Haisch, seems to be moving the right way. See his book, "The God Theory," and the new mathematics he, his friend, and NASA developed. Apparently, some people who work at NASA are believers in God. While the physical science is failing since the 1970s, I recommend a turn away from atheism and to God. I do not recommend a return to research that would unify space and time. Spacetime is an illusion and bad dream.


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