Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Monday, January 07, 2008

Moving On XXIX, (The Essence of God and the Essences of Created Things Cannot Be Known)

The essence of a monotheistic God is one. Since we can develop knowledge only if pluralities are being considered, God’s essence is unknown. However, a monotheistic God is infinite and can contract his single essence if he creates a finite world out of nothing. This lower world is finite and we know it exists because we live in it. To create things, God contracts his own essence by plurality, finitude, and relation. The contraction of his essence is an act of God and creates many finite things we call ‘images of God’. Each created image of God contains a plurality of related and finite essences. Together, these images form a thing we name ‘universe.’

However, a plurality of finite essences is not knowable because this plurality is infinite in number and cannot be sensed with our five senses. However, a plurality of finite essences is related and thus forms a whole. Such wholes can be known because every whole has parts. So, we can build knowledge of these pluralities. As time passes, our knowledge of these differing pluralities should increase from generation to generation if the abilities of the minds of all people increase from generation to generation.

These differing pluralities indicate that the ultimate knowledge of God’s creation will never be found. These pluralities also indicate that the universe has no end, that knowledge can increase continuously, and that humans are immortal and must be reincarnated upon death. These pluralities also tell us that our symbolic languages must always be improved. Clearly, all nations of the world must change.

For years, scientists have been saying that we have five senses. Recently, Hollywood movies have said that we might have a sixth sense. This sixth sense has three names as follows: the eye of the mind, pure reason, or metaphysics. In his book on "The Seven Mysteries of Life,’ Guy Murchie identifies thirty two senses. Since the 1970s, today’s atheists and logicians have been saying that all things and the universe can be known only with five senses and logical reasons. With the continuous failures of the field of physical science since the 1970s, it is time to reform the field of science.


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