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Friday, September 05, 2008

Theological Science,* the Language of God, and Miracles. II

In this blog I expand my thoughts on the DNA Code. The claim by Dr. Francis Collins that the DNA Code is the language of God can be questioned because believers in God, such as Collins, have not developed thoughts that are consistent with a monotheistic God. For instance, if one observes things in the universe and concludes that all of these things are finite, then this person must conclude that their origin must be an infinite thing.

Thus, if man develops a symbolic language to define all proteins, then this symbolic language belongs to man and does not belong to God. This is consistent only with a monotheistic God who creates ‘images’ of himself. Thus, when one defines any protein with a symbolic language and assumes that this symbolic language is part of God, this person is supporting atheism because atheists say that the universe is the sum of its parts.
Further, no created images of God are identical. So, proteins can be similar but never identical. So, the DNA code can be questioned.

Atheists have rejected God because they do not want to deal with the complexity of God’s creation. But, many believers in God also do not want to deal with the complexity of God’s creation. Instead of dealing with the complexity of the universe, these believers pray for a savior and a life in Heaven after death. The rejection of God and the idea of Heaven have become man’s greatest errors.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.


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