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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXVIII (U.S. Colleges and Universities are Lost, II)

The effort to remake America by President Obama will be impeded if America’s colleges and university do not turn away from atheism. Instead, they must get onto the path that leads to new understandings of a monotheistic God. Although this path has no end, each incremental step of progress is very important because history proves that a drifting nation will eventually go out of existence.

After working as an engineer on the moon landing project, I eventually joined the U.S. Department of Justice to help solve the nation’s crime problem. There, I was asked to use my high technology on police work. But as time passed, I concluded that life scientists, such as psychologists and sociologists, are not finding the root causes of crime. So, I began to also think about the origin of crime. By the time I retired, I concluded that mind is symbolic language and that flawed symbolic languages can cause crime. After retiring, I confirmed my conclusion in the teaching of Jesus Christ at Mark 7:15-23. In 2006, I reported my conclusion and its confirmation on pages 160-165 of "The First Scientific Proof of God."

Some biologists believe that a universal grammar exists. I reject this belief because it assumes that atheism is true. Since crime is a human behavior, behaviorists, such as B.F. Skinner, believe that knowledge of the human mind is not open to scientific reasoning. So they say that human behaviors can be known only by sensual observations. I reject this empirical science. For a long time, Noam Chomisky argued against behaviorism by saying that children have language-specific abilities, which constrain language learning. I also reject Chomisky’s belief because the human mind is a spiritual thing that has no linguistic limits. Obviously, Skinner’s belief and Chomisky’s belief are in support of evolutionary theory. (Click)

Before I retired, I noticed that politicians hold different beliefs about crime. When the Democrats are in power, I noticed that U.S. government researchers seek crime causes in external human factors. Thus, Democrats are followers of Skinner’s behaviorism and believe that criminals can be corrected. On the other hand, when the Republicans are in power, I noticed that U. S. government researchers seek internal human factors. Thus, Republicans are followers of Chomisky’s language acquisition of children and believe that criminals are born and cannot be corrected. So our politicians have opposed beliefs. Such an opposition will impede greatly any effort to remake America.

I say that Skinner’s behaviorism is wrong because we can measure all things in the universe scientifically. Chomisky’s belief that language is limited is also wrong because an unlimited God does not limit our minds. I suggest that psychologists and politicians accept God, accept God’s intelligent design, and study Gottfried Leibniz’s New System, as I have summarized in earlier blogs.


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