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Friday, May 01, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXX (Economies for the USA, II)

Americans do not yet know how to build a free nation under God. I conclude that we have had no success because too many citizens are unfamiliar with John Locke’s social contract and how its self-government secures the Union. Many citizens also seem to be unaware of the implications of God and the ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.’ The Laws of Nature are ‘true’ scientific laws whereas the Laws of Nature’s God are ‘right’ morals. Both of these laws are found in the Declaration of Independence. In God, these laws are unified as one law that produces the best of all worlds by God.

Since our founders studied Locke’s social contract and the implication of the above two laws, the beginning and the early developments of the USA began as experiments. But after 233 years, I conclude that the development of the USA is still experimental, has no clear path of development, and is not futuristic. Today, I say that the USA behaves like a highly irrational machine and does not behave as a Union of Spirits under God.

The USA has not been successful because most of its people no longer consider God in their deliberations anymore. Because God is not being considered by U.S. scientists, they seek only atheistic Laws of Nature. These laws are aligned to the Big Bang/evolution theories. Moralists also seek only atheistic Laws of Nature’s God. These laws are based on history and are aligned to ‘what is politically right or politically wrong.’ Both atheistic laws are sought based on the cause/effect principle and thus lead people to seek political power and money because this principle turns the USA into a power and money machine. Such a machine provides us with any freedom.

To become successful, the USA must turn all seeking efforts in the Union toward God’s Laws of Nature and God’s moral laws. If this does not occur, the USA can be expected to fall, just as history. This history tells me that the best U.S. economy has not yet been found.


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