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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXXXI (A Nation Under God, XVII)

In my last blog, I show that capitalists have changed the USA from ‘a nation under God’ to ‘a godless nation’’ after the Civil War by creating a rich class, a middle class, and a poor class. This rich class of capitalists appeared in period known as the Gilded Age. (click) During WWI, the middle class emerged with the tycoons, pioneers, and entrepreneurs.

As the 20th century was ending, the Federal Reserve System (FRS) reported on the distribution of the wealth among U.S. households in 1963 and compared that distribution with similar distributions in the years 1983, 1989, and 1992, which are the years of Presidents Reagan and Bush. In general, the distribution of wealth varies in that 1% of the households hold 1/3 ±3% of the nation’s wealth, that 9% of the households hold another 1/3 ±3% of this wealth, and that 90% of the households hold another 1/3 ±3% of this wealth.

I discuss this FRS report on pages 52-53 of my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. This report shows that the trickle-down economic policy of Presidents Reagan and Bush reduces the wealth in 90% of the households, increases the wealth in 9% of the households, and holds steady the wealth in 1% of the households.

As seen, the development of economic classes after the Civil War led an unequal distribution of wealth in the USA. This unequal distribution is rationalized based on evolutionary theory and its learning theory. This learning theory rationalizes that genes produce different humans such as tycoons, pioneers, and entrepreneurs. I reject evolutionary theory and its learning theory because I have proven God’s existence scientifically and thus believe that ‘all Men are created equal.’ If all humans develop self-knowledge, all people will develop very similar minds. With self-knowledge, the difference between humans will be found mostly in their bodies.

So, when the USA was founded as a nation under God in 1776, it became an ungodly nation when (1) the Civil War ended; (2) Darwin’s book on the origin of the species came to the USA in 1859 to destroy Lincoln, (3) Darwin’s evolutionary theory was installed in the American educational systems, and (4) the development of self-knowledge was hidden from man.


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