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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXXIV (A Nation Under God, X)

In a Nation under God, all people must become trained in the scientific methods of thought. This is necessary because all truths are found only through scientific thinking. This necessity was known long ago but was not important enough for some religious leaders to teach.

In the ancient period, Jesus Christ was the most advanced teacher in science. At his time, he taught many different sciences and taught that all people must develop ‘self knowledge.’ (See the Gospel of Thomas) Unfortunately, the religious leaders of his time murdered Jesus for teaching his new ideas. In the modern period, many religious leaders still do not like the development of self knowledge.

In yesterday’s blog. I argue that abortion is murder. There is a scientific reason for this argument. Let me discuss the self knowledge that I developed on the subject of abortion.

In a created world, only things exist. Each thing is thus a holistic whole that has an uncountable number of parts. Since all created things function, when things come together, higher functional things will appear. The sperms of a male human being thus have an uncountable number of functional things. And the eggs of a female human also have an uncountable number of different functional things. Now, when a sperm and egg come together, a higher functional thing will appear. This higher thing is a human being. The sperm and egg come together because a third thing was added to the sperm and egg. This third thing is the soul of a specific human.

As seen, a man and woman do not create a new person when they have sex. Their act of sex merely gives life to the soul of a third person. Abortion is thus murder.

Unfortunately, the Mechanists and Atheists would not accept this argument because they do not understand things or holism. However, Norma McCorvey, who fought for abortion on Roe v. Wade, has now changed her mind.


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