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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXVIII (A Nation Under God, IV)

Yesterday’s blog indicates that the U.S. government has divided the people of the USA into economic classes with the U.S. economic system. This economic system was borrowed from England’s Adam Smith. American economists speak of Adam Smith’s economy as the ‘free market economy.’ But, I say that these classes and free market economy will eventually destroy the founding documents and the Union.

Henry Carey (1793-1879) was the economic advisor of Abe Lincoln. In his book on 'The Unity of Law,' he challenges the economy of Adam Smith and compares it with the German economic theory of Eugene Duhring and his successor of the University of Berlin, Frederich List. (click) Further, in the Introduction of his book on ‘A Grammar of Motives,’ Kenneth Burke quotes the following words of Duhring:

’We should never forget that our whole economic, political, ant intellectual development has as its presupposition a state of things which slavery was a necessity as it was universally recognized. In this sense we are entitled to say: Without the slavery of antiquity, no modern socialism.’
Duhring’s modern socialism is not a Society with a planning Government. A Society with a planning Government is known as communism. Modern socialism is a UNITY OF FORCE as Carey says on the first page of his Preface. In the USA, this unity of force comes from the unity of laws that unify John Locke’s Society and self-governing Government in the USA.

No nation can install a free market economy or a similar economy and never change it. Our sun will eventually darken. Yet, our knowledge about this darkening is only beginning. Maintaining some kind of economy that rejects socialism is a highly irrational thought. Thus, when Republicans charge President Obama with socialism, they show their absence of study about the history of man and man’s possible futures.


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