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Monday, May 04, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXII (Economies for the USA, IV)

In the USA, usury has become a major error in the development of a free nation under God. Many of these errors are developed by atheism. For instance, atheists view money as the end (or purpose) of life because they don’t believe in God. Atheistic scientists also view humans as machines and explain life completely with logical reasoning and the cause/effect principle. Thus, an atheistic scientist will view money as the ‘effect’ of some ‘cause.’ Further, in a profit-making company, profit is thus the cause of all monetary effects that are in excess of all costs. Profit is thus a form of usury. Furthermore, for bankers, atheistic mathematicians created a new form of usury called ‘swaps.’

In his "A Grammar of Motives" Kenneth Burke shows us that human life’s motives cannot be explained with logic and the cause/effect principle. Burke rejects this atheistic explanation. His work did predict Hitler’s political motives that led to the Jewish Holocaust. Burke says that human life is a drama and can be explained only with knowledge of human motives. He says that complete statements about human motives will offer some kind of answers to the following five questions:

1. What was done? (act).
2. When or where it was done? (scene)
3. Who dit it? (actor)
4. How it was done? (means)
5. Why? (end or purpose)

If we do not limit human life to logical relations, we move our mind to a higher level of thought where the means and ends coexist. At this higher level of thought, money becomes a means rather than an end. This change eliminates usury and changes the end to a different purpose. This new and godly purpose produces a continuous life, rather than a discrete death, for all humans.

If money is used as a means and all ends are produced for the purposes of human life, all ends can be accumulated and hoarded. If the ends are accumulated and hoarded, the life of all free people will be equal. Since the founders say that all Men are created equal, it is clear that they never authorized usury.


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