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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXI (Economies for the USA, III)

The best economy for a free nation has never been found by anyone. Why such an economy has never been found is explained by the way free people in the USA have been viewing money ever since 1776. Today, the people of all free nations view money as the ‘end’ of all human activities at the workplace.

As an end, money can be accumulated many different ways. For instance, money can be accumulated if one saves some of the money made at the workplace. Or one can become a usurer and lend money to people for a fee. When money is accumulated, hoarded, and lent for a fee, the usurer will become rich. When this occurs, other people must become poor. So when free people view money as an end and also allow usury, a free nation will develop a class of poor people. For this reason, scriptures suggest that usury not be allowed.

If the money in a free nation has developed a rich class and the nation also allows usury, the development of a free nation can be impeded or even fail. For instance, banks have become the major usurers in today’s free nations. To maintain their usurious fees, all banks must avoid disinflation, which is produced by new science and technology.

To avoid disinflation, the U.S. Federal Reserve System can increase or decrease the national inflation and unemployment rates merely by changing its usurious fees. Essentially, the usurious fees of the Federal Reserve System and today’s private banks limit the development of education, new science and technology, and knowledge about God and His universe.

Obviously, the development of a rich class in a free nation returns a free nation to a new form of slavery. It is also clear that the wealth of a free nation cannot be measured in money.


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