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Monday, May 11, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXVII (A Nation Under God, III)

Human life might have existed for 4.4 million years. Thus, before any nation existed, people lived alone for a long time. This is when human freedom was at its maximum degree. However, when the human population began to increase, personal security was becoming necessary. As the need for security increased, people sought security from landowners. This form of security caused human freedom to decrease and made many people slaves. Today, the enslaving landowners are known as kings and dictators. Then, in order to increase human freedom, new political systems appeared. One of them would appear in 1776 in America.

In 1776, the American colonists decided to separate from the dictates of England. This separation was made by installing one of these new political systems, the system that John Locke developed and called a ‘social contract.’ This contract has two parties. One party is ‘Society,’ which was named ‘The United States of America’ in the Declaration of Independence. The other party is a self-governing ‘Government.’ It is defined by the Constitution and agrees to secure the Society. In order to increase human freedom to a maximum level, Government must make laws in its Congress and must be signed by its President. These general laws were identified in the Declaration of Independence as the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. Further, a Bill of Rights for the Society and the Government was added in 1791 in the Constitution.

I conclude that this social contract was developing through the Lincoln administration. But after Lincoln, the further development of the Society and Government became disorderly and disharmonious. For instance, Society became greedy and many of its people became godless. As part of the Society was turning away from God, Government had already become godless. Further, Government was limiting its security of the Society to defenses of wars, national economics, criminal justice, and social security. But it was developing a very rich class and large poor class.

Essentially, the Society and Government have destroyed the social contract created by our founders in 1776. They are returning the freedom of Americans to a new lower level and are destroying the self-governing aspect of Government.

However, the Society and Government of the USA are currently in the process of dividing and destroying our whole nation. This division and destruction are underway already because Government does not know that its funding is turning the USA into a godless nation by funding ungodly, or atheistic, sciences and providing no funds for godly sciences.


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