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Friday, May 08, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXV (A Nation Under God, I)

In my personal research on the founding documents of the USA, I have reported on this website and to the U.S. government that the USA was founded as a nation under God.

In my research, I found that the field of law has misinterpreted the founder’s documents. I conclude that this interpretation is turning the U.S. government away from God, even though the Preamble of the Constitution mandates the U.S. government ‘to form a more perfect Union.’ To form a more perfect Union, this constitutional mandate requires a standard to measure the perfections of the Union. Only God is this standard of perfection. Accordingly, I find that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution state that the USA is founded as a nation under God.

In my research, I also found that the economic courses at all U.S. colleges and universities are promoting ungodly economic theories that are turning the U.S. government and ‘the people’ away from God.

In the works of Kenneth Burke on ‘A Grammar of Motives,’ one finds that human motives are complex and cannot be explained by empirical sciences or Darwin’s evolution theory, as atheists say. So atheism is not a proof that God does not exist.

I conclude that the U.S. government and ‘the people’ must investigate the above misinterpretation of the field of law. They must also investigate the promotions of ungodly economic systems and the overstated beliefs of atheists and evolutionists. There seems to be a growing force to turn the USA into an ungodly nation.


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