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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXX (A Nation Under God, VI)

This 80th blog on Remaking America seems endless. But this series of blogs will soon come to an end. I will end this series when I remove President Obama’s pic and move my thoughts into a new series of blogs on a different subject.

For your information, this Remaking America series of blogs did not lure many comments. However, I expected this kind of behavior because most people do not like to express their political thoughts to others in a public forum.

I chose to express my political thoughts to other people in this website because the fields of theology and science are entering a new phase of thought where they are being unified by me and then linked by me to the field of politics in a nation under God, the United States of America.

I will continue the Rebuilding America series tomorrow.


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