Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Friday, May 15, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXXII (A Nation Under God, VIII)

Living in a nation under God is not identical in every nation. Life in nations is different because people reject God and other people believe in God, but view God and His creation differently. Yet, if God exists, God is the same for all people, dogs, birds, etc. and all created things by God are images of God because God creates all things from his self.

To make life more similar in all nations, I have proven God’s existence with two different lines of scientific reasoning. So, I am proving that atheism is false. In time, I thus expect all people to accept God. To make life even more similar, I am developing a new field of thought. I call it ‘theological science’ and am developing it by unifying the thoughts in the field of theology and the thoughts in the field of science.

From 6/5/08 to 12/25/08, I posted 115 blogs on this new field of thought. In the blog dated 11/18/08, I posted my second scientific proof of God. Further, the blogs, from 12/9/08 to 12/25/08, show that many teachings of Jesus Christ are in agreement with my new theological science. Furthermore, from 12/26/08 to 1/16/09, I posted other related blogs. These blogs identify some of today’s teachings that are inconsistent with theological science.

On the blog dated 10/11/08 and as an independent voter, I informed my readers that I will vote for Barrack Obama because his thoughts are consistent with the development of my theological science. I also concluded that the thoughts of John McCain and the Republican party are inconsistent with my new theological science. After Obama became president, I began to help the new president to remake America with the blog dated 1/23/09.

At this time, I conclude that the free market economy, free trade, gold-based money systems, and the current U.S. educational system are inconsistent with my theological science. To be inconsistent with theological science is equivalent to being inconsistent with God.


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