Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Making My First Scientific Proof of God Clearer, II

In my blog on my proof of God yesterday, I identified four pairs of coexisting opposites that participate in the formation of a single world in which God is a functional thing who acts to create all things. These created things are functional in the creation of the universe that participates in the formation of the single world. These four coexisting opposites, which distinguish God from the universe and are as follows: finite/Infinite, many/One, inequality/Equality, and relation/Union. The capitalized words are unchanging attributes of God. The other words are contracted words (of the capitalized words) and form God's intelligent design of the universe. In this blog, I will use Rom. 1:20 again to introduce a fifth pair of coexisting opposites. These opposites are 'divisible/Indivisible.'

In this fifth pair of coexisting opposites, the word 'Indivisible' becomes the fifth attribute of God and the word 'divisible,' which is a contraction of the word Indivisible, becomes an attribute of all things in the universe. The Indivisible word tells us that God is a pure whole, which has no parts. On the other hand, the divisible word tells us that all created things are wholes, which has parts.

After my study of this fifth pair of coexisting opposites, I concluded that the monadology and New System of Leibniz fit in the development of these attributes. The Indivisible word, which is the fifth attribute of God, is in God. When God acts, the word ‘Indivisible’ is contracted and forms a plurality of indivisible/related things. . I call the indivisible/related things 'related spiritual atoms.' Leibniz would call them 'related true atoms' or 'related monads' when he was working on his monadology.

Since God does not exist in time, God and the universe of things were always single world. God and the universe of things thus had no beginning and will never have an end. As the only knowing beings in the universe, we use time to study the dynamics of the universe and the lives of man and other living things.


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