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Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Causes That Separate the Republicans and. Democrats

Political parties in any nation under God should never be separated widely like the U.S. Republican and Democratic parties. Political parties should only discuss very similar ideas. These similar ideas are different, but are normal, because God gave all humans the potentials to find new ideas.

Unfortunately, the Republicans and Democrats have become separated greatly because many new ideas have emerged since modern science appeared. One of the ideas that emerged in the 1820s was called progressivism. Today, progressivism has become a political thought about socialism. To the Democrats, progressivism favors social changes in the USA through the action of government. This political thought is opposed by Republicans (or conservatism) because they limit government and reject socialism.

In the 20th century, progressivism was proposed or moved forward by presidents, such as Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and William Clinton. These Democrats were opposed by the presidents Hoover, Reagan, George H.W., and George W. Bush.

When I look into the early history of the USA, the causes of the early separation of the members of Congress become clear. The causes of some of these separations are as follows:

(1) Death of Alexander Hamilton and the development of competition among corporations instead of developing cooperation .
(2) No response to President John Adams questions on the growing wealth of business owners.
(3) Rejection of Henry Clay's call for American System of Economics.
(4) Rationalizing slavery, the Civil War, and the assassination of Abe Lincoln.
(5) Developing the rights of the States when only humans have rights.
(6) Developing the West without unifying the national goals.
(7) Authorizing the unlimited wealth and inheritance of the Big Families.
(8) Developing national money and big banks.

These causes affected the U.S. families because they (1) lost the thoughts of our founders, (2) lost the Laws of Nature and Nature's God in the Declaration of Independence, and (3) lost the freedom that God gave them. I conclude that these losses turned many citizens and the U,S, government away from God and developed new political groups that separated the Republicans and the Democrats greatly. Today, I conclude that this great separation is being sold by Sarah Palin, and the new Tea parties.

In the 21 century, science is correcting the above losses with new research on God. For instance, we found that God exists. In this finding, no religion was established and no scripture was needed. So, atheism can now be removed from every nation. This new research is also trying to determine whether God is inactive or active. Since my research has determined that God is active, U.S. citizens can begin to inform their representatives of their opinions about God. My research will develop two new political parties.

This new research is finding other facts. For instance, research has found that our sun will darken. Jesus Christ taught this fact in Matthew at Ch, 24. The darkening of the sun is consistent with other scriptural data. For instance, scriptures tell us that our foods have been degenerating ever since animals and humans appeared on planet earth. This degeneration might explain human problems such as autism, cancer, and the need for transplants.

My research concludes that the ideology of the Democrats is flawed scientifically. For instance, human freedom is not absolute. Only God's freedom is absolute. The Democrats must thus learn that abortion is an ungodly human behavior. The sperm and womb are unified by immortal souls. God made these souls and I found that they are indivisible things.

The Republican ideology is also flawed scientifically. For instance, the free market economy is not responding to the problem of food degeneration. Limiting government is also irrational because the U.S. government has developed many experts. For instance, the U,S. Department of Agriculture has many experts in the development of fruit and vegetables. This department has also reduced the farm labor from 70% of the U.S. population to 2 %. The U.S. government created more energy and must even create more energy because we must leave this planet before the sun darkens. To reduce government and health care is going the wrong way.

When the citizens of the USA turned their thinking away from God, Congress, the Supreme Court, and the White House changed the USA. Now, these citizens must restudy the founding documents and develop the nation that the founders sought. And, government must create a financial system in which money becomes the 'means' of life for all citizens and never becomes the 'end' for the life of a few citizens.


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