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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

How the Republicans and Democrats Can Be Uunified

Today, the Republicans and Democrats cannot be unified because they have developed 'opposing' ideas and cannot develop 'functional' ideas that would unite them and the three branches of the U.S. government. If these opposing ideas are not destroyed, 'the People' could impeach government workers or go to war to divide the USA. In this blog, I show the origin of these 'killer' opposing ideas.

In the USA, opposing ideas began to develop after the English language was chosen by one vote over the German language to become the national language of the USA. This choice gave all Americans 'logical minds' because the English language is filled with the opposing ideas of Aristotle. So, English logic, such as good/bad, right/wrong, God/no God, and free/slavery, capital/communism, etc. began to fill the minds of all Americans.

Since Thomas Jefferson spoke of Plato as a mystic, I believe that Jefferson influenced this American vote in favor of the English language. However, had the German language been chosen, the American mind would be filled with Plato's ideas and our minds would use logic only when we made nonliving things such as autos, TVs, etc. However, when we use the English language,we are forced to use logic, even when we discuss human life. Here is where the many useless arguments occur in Congress, married couples, children, businesses, nations, etc.

When a nation decides to shift from Aristotle's logical ideas to Plato's ideas, 'variables' can be formed by the human mind. For instance, to the good/bad opposites, the Platonic mind can form an infinite number of middle ideas in between these two extremes. This is how variables are created by good scientists Variables reveal provable sciences. Unfortunately, most Americans do not understand variables and their provable sciences. However, many American scientists still do not limit their logical thinking. Instead, these scientists close their minds to Plato's ides, become atheists, and teach people how to to live with logic. Many atheists are found in The Reason Project.

It is a pity that many Republicans and Democrats have well developed logical minds. Thus, they have become criminals but do not know their criminality. Yet they have gone against the founding documents and believe that the USA is not a nation under God. In order to develop a national government that functions for God and the founding documents, 'the People' must impeach them as mandated by the Constitution, Article II, Section 4.

If a Republican or Democrat says that the capitalism and communism are opposites, he or she have developed a logical mind and can't see the infinite number of economic ideas that exist in between these extremes. So, a free market economy is not the only 'game in town.' Or if a Republican or Democrat says that freedom and slavery are opposites, he or she can't see the infinite number freedoms that exist in between these extremes.

Political power is the ugliest idea that man can seek because if God exists, only God has power. Since God is being proven almost every day now, Republicans and Democrats must recognize their ignorance before the People act.


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