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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dearh Panels Are Ungodly

Today, two 'death panels' have emerged. The first panel is the death of new babies and is called 'abortion.' The second panel is the early death of all other humans and is called 'pulling-the-plug.' Both deaths are desired by many Democrats whereas all Republicans reject both deaths. President Obama is following the Democrats.

On the subject of 'death panels;'the Democrats are showing their ignorance of how God acts when He makes every new life and takes every old life. God makes a new life when He unifies a sperm and a womb with a soul. This soul has been given a new functional life by God. God takes an old life when He ends that life, reincarnates that soul, and gives that soul a new functional life. So, 'abortion' and 'pulling-the-plug' is a human act against God.

Death panels violate the Constitution because these panels impede government from making the Union more perfect. More perfections imply improvements of all kinds. So, death plans impede many human developments.

When I worked on the space program to land on the moon, many new technologies emerged. However, this new technology had to be forced into health care system because doctors feared these new technologists and didn't want progress. So, beware of President Obama's 'death panels.'


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