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Thursday, December 06, 2012

87.The Logical Thinking of U.S. Republicans Can Be Fixed

I say that 'republicans' exist is every nation because republicans are logical thinkers and are thus found in all nations. So, if  a metaphysical democrat wants to learn why U.S. republicans do not want to increase the taxes of the rich Spirits, this democratic thinker will receive only a logical answer and compromises will not come.

Although logical thinking will be found in all ancient scriptures, metaphysical thinking became formal with the writings of Plato and the development of free nations by Alexander the Great. On the other hand, logical thinking became formal with the writings of Aristotle and the development of enslaving nations by Kings or Queens.  However, a metaphysical inquiry will always be incomplete and will fall into the background, whereas a logical inquiry will always be completed and will rise into the foreground.

The 'fall' and 'rise' of metaphysics and logic were held for many centuries.  But they changed in the 15th century when Germany's Nicholas of Cusa appeared. Through the writings of Kepler, Galileo, Leibniz, Kant, et al, the U.S. nation became the first modern free nation that cannot be completed. In 1942, the incompleteness of the USA was confirmed by Susanne Langer who said that 'our sense data are primarily symbols.'(click) 

Accordingly, the fall and rise of logic and metaphysics must be eliminated because they can only be instruments of progress. Thus, it is now time for all nations to become real free nations because riches are for all Spirits. Republicans should not fear this change.


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