Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Saturday, December 01, 2012

82. Why Some Spirits Become Poor.

In yesterday' blog, I said that the lives of the Spirits of all nations are unnatural and inconsistent with democracies. In the USA, the life of every American is unnatural because the members of the U.S. Congress do not consider God's creations when they make laws.

For example, when I learned that God created all Americans equally, I learned that the U.S. founders included God's creation of equalities in the U.S. Declaration of Independence. (DOI) Yet, congressional persons act freely to authorize  different inequalities and wealth of some Spirits. To maintain inequalities and wealth, republican congressional persons argue that taxes of wealthy Spirits should not be increased. Clearly, these republicans are not considering God's activity and creation. The history of Abe Lincoln explains how God was eliminated from the law-making jobs of the U.S. Congress.

After President Lincoln started the Civil War to make all Spirits equal, he not only freed the southern slaves. He also made the 'Yankee Dollar.'  With Yankee Dollars, Lincoln began to develop a national industry for the South. Then, he lured Eastern workers with homesteader money to build a national industry for the West. Who murdered Lincoln? Spirits, who did not like the 'equality of Spirits.' 

Lincoln's Yankee Dollar was defined as capital. This capital becomes as 'instrument' for building the USA.  Today, capital is used to build a world market. After Lincoln was murdered, Henry Carey wrote a book (The Unity of Law) to describe the USA that Lincoln was building. This development of the USA was also known as the American System.(click)  Unfortunately, after Lincoln was dead, wealthy Spirits made a new form of capital. This capital was defined with a gold standard.  This capital developed slavery, built a world market for free traders, and never made a nation of 'equal Spirits.'


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