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Friday, December 07, 2012

88. Syria's Ungodly Behavior

Every day many humans die from age and other natural causes. At their death, God acts and these humans are reborn in a nation either on this planet or on another planet. When children are reborn in any nation of planet earth, some of our American parents will become new children in Syria and other nations. So, we must care for our parents just like our parents cared for us when we were children.

Unfortunately, Syrian President Bashar Assad is murdering Syrian humans.  And some of these murdered humans are new children from other nations.  This president is also considering the use of chemical weapons to murder many more humans and new children. The behavior of Syria's president is negative to God's Intelligent Design.

After I proved scientifically that God exists in 2006 (click) , I continued research on God.  In 2012, I found that God is active and has an Intelligent Design of the universe He created. (click) My latest research on God and God's Intelligent Design conclude that wars, terrorism, and crime are out-dated behaviors of adult humans because God's children are immortal and can be reborn in any nation. The care of children is a very important human behavior. My research also proves that God has no Heaven, that heavens are seen only in the evening sky of any planet, and that the universe has no end.

Accordingly, the new talks  between the USA and Russia about Syria's behaviors are godly human actions.


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