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Thursday, December 13, 2012

94. A World Problem Created By North Korea

Recently. a rocket from in North Korea went into space.  It was a success for Korea's new leader, Kim Jong Un.  Thus, U.S. experts must now worry about nuclear weapons that can reach the U.S. West Coast.  So, the United States must fix the balance of Pacific threats, which could grow if North Korea would end its isolation and help Iran's economy and nuclear weapons.

But my theory of God is inconsistent with life in North Korea.  For instance, the people of North Korea have no freedom or families.  And, the people are not allowed to leave North Korea. So Koreans know nothing about God or the universe.

Recently, a man from Korea,  Shin Dong-hyukleft his concentration camp and cut through the security fence of North Korea. He came to the USA and was interviewed last evening by Anderson Cooper. (click)

However, the behaviors of the past and current Korean leaders are very different than the leaders of other godly nations. For instance, I reject the idea that godly people have one life and expect to go to the heaven of God at death. Instead, I prove that all people are given a new body by God after they die.  Since God does not create nations, some dying grandfathers or grandmothers from the USA, England, France, Germany Spain, Italy, etc. will be reborn in North Korea.

Any person who believes in my proof of life after death, they must work to make the life of all humans equal in every nation. Obviously, the identification of military threats must consider the theory of God.


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