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Sunday, December 16, 2012

97.More On My Opinion: Cause of the Connecticut Shooting

On my blog yesterday on the recent Connecticut shooting, I distinguished the human mind and body and said the that mind comes from God through perceiving and that body comes from God through parents.

In order to stop these shootings, I conducted more research on the subject of 'perceiving.' I also learned that perceivings are presented on TV programs. (click)  My new research is saying that the Connecticut shootings and earlier shootings could have been prevented by the USA, if God and God's Intelligent Design was an an active subject in the work of all U.S. citizens and if atheism was rejected by Congress and the Supreme Court.

In Google, to perceive means (1) to become aware of, know, or identify by means of the senses and (2) to recognize, discern, envision, or understand. (click)  Thus, perceiving has two steps.  These two steps work as if we were having fun on a moving see saw. These two steps agree with my statement  that the mind-body relation is a two-step function.

So, I conclude that the thinking of our mind and the senses  (eyes, ears, odor, etc.) of our body are related functionally. I thus conclude that our mind and body must always be seeking and using truths and morals.  If truths and morals are not to be found in a person, that person can certainly become an atheist and shooter. Was the Connecticut shooter a major game player.  If he was a crime player, he buried truths and morals and set the stage for a real shooting.

These two distinct steps prove that God exists. So, the National Science Foundation must change its research program on the subjects of perceiving, action, and cognition. (click)  In order to learn about our godly perceiving, I suggest that people study the Monadology of Gottfried Leibniz.



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