Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

200. Bringing Panentheism Back and Into the 21st Century

I conclude that pantheism produced terrible thoughts for the minds of God's Little Gods.  Many of these Little Gods lived with idols before Abraham rejected pantheism and turned to monotheism. But, I say that pantheism will never appear again on this planet.

But when Abraham's monotheismwas developed, the deists identified an eternal God. The deists say that the universe came into existence from God at time = 0. Thus, this God rested and didn't change any laws of this created universe. Since this universe had a beginning and has an end, the deists say that the universe will die as a result of a heat death. Accordingly, atheists only need to remove this deistic God and make the universe with a Big Bang explosion at time = 0. I say that deism and atheism are false theories because time was never zero because God and the universe always existed. So, the only truths exist in panentheism.  Below, I present a new history of panentheism

I say that panentheism began in 500 B.C. with Anaxagoras. (click)  Panentheism was confirmed by Plato in his Parmenides Dialogue. Plato proves that 'One' coexists with other things. Thus, if God is One, it is necessary that God coexists with Little Gods and their infrastructures.  So, God and the universe had no beginning.  And God and the universe will have no end.

I conclude that Jesus traveled to Greece after he was 12 years old. There, he learned panentheism. My studies of the New Testament say that most  scientific teachings of Jesus are about panentheism. When Irenaeus said that Gnosticism was blasphemy (click) , I conclude that the scientific teaching of  panentheism by Jesus weree lost for 2000 years. Only my new book, 'A New and Modern Holy Bible With The Intelligent Design of An Active God' will bring panentheism back into the 21st century..


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