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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

236. 60 Some Little Gods Found a New Planetary System

On June 25, astronomers reported that a neighbor star of our sun has six, or possibly seven, planets and that three of these planets circle at the right distance for water to exist.  This water is necessary for life. in the "habitable zone," which supports liquid surface water. One planet and the two smaller planets are bigger than Earth.

This was the first time that Little Gods found that planets have been orbiting a sun as our planets orbit our sun. Thus, astronomers can now look at one star and have a high chance of finding several planets. This star is close to Earth, just 22 light years (129 trillion miles/207 trillion km) away. This start is about one-third the size of our sun and is the faintest star of a triple star system. In addition to the three planets, two more planets may orbit on the fringe of the star's habitable zone and also could possibly support life.

Thus, habitable worlds are now limited only by our telescopes. Accordingly,  astronomers are now saying that the number of these systems with potentially habitable planets is probably 10 or 20 percent. Our galaxy could thus have billions of these systems.

If God did not create immortal souls (for all living and nonliving things), dark matter would not exist  and the astronomers could not see any planets.  So, astronomers could see stars long ago but can now see planets because dark matter is formed by the created immortal souls of God.  So, it is time for astronomers and physical scientists to accept God and evaluate my new work on God, the universe,  theology, and the Little Gods. (click) , (click) .  It is also time, for nations and families to become equal so that crime and drug use will be eliminated.

How long are physical scientists, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and atheists going to accept a panentheistic God?

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