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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

279. Why Wealth Must Be Equal in All Nationa.

Equal wealth came to the USA when many people came, made homes, and shared the money they brought. Eventually, unequal wealth came when the number of people increased and a small number of farmers were able to serve many people. Soon, a small number of people would be able to serve many different goods and services to many people. For example, a small number of coal miners were able to serve all home stoves. And soon, a smaller number of oil drillers would be able serve all home stoves.

But today, a small number of people have a large number of robots. These robots will serve a very large number of stores, which will serve almost all people. I conclude that these robots will change unequal wealth to equal wealth fast.

Forbes tell us that some people become wealthy long after being born. (click)   But Forbes does not tell us that some people become wealthy after being reborn by a billionaire. An example is Alice Walton, the daughter of Sam Walton, the builder of Walmart. (click)

God gives all people a new body after death because God governs the space and time of all existences. Thus, bloodlines do not exist in any family. Thus, the soul of Alice Walton became related to a body made by her Father and Mother. Alice's soul will become disconnected from this body when she dies. In her next life, her soul will become related to a different Father and Mother. Since all new lives are unknown, equal wealth must be natural in all nations.

Thus, I say that unequal wealthy people will be reborn in the least planet in the kingdom of heaven, as Jesus said at Matt. 5:19.


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