Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

337. China and Many Other Nations Are Far Apart

Continuing my discussion of the God of China, Leibniz says that China's God (Li)is pure, motionless, rarefied, and without body or shape. From Li comes virtues such as piety, justice, religion, prudence, and faith. Li is thus the sole cause that always moves Heaven in uniform motion and gives stability to the earth.

Accordingly, China does not accept the Big Bang theory. Nor does China accept the billiard ball universe of Albert Einstein, the physical atoms of England, the materialism of the USA and Russia, and the deism and religion of Judaism and Islam. Outside of China, Li agrees mostly with Christianity.

In China, the Supreme is called the Supreme Unity because as the number series. Unity is the basis but is not a number series. So, the Supreme Unity cannot be divided into parts. Yet, all finite things in the universe can be divided. This is where U.S. mathematicians become confused because they do not understand the differences between the uncountable infinities that God makes and the countable infinities that we make. I accepted God only after I concluded that the word 'not' will not move my mind to God.  I had to use the 'not-not finite' in order to find God. I still lose God with bad words when I say wrongly that God's perfection does not exist in our world..  The truth is that God has made a perfect universe.

Unless physical scientists and mathematicians do not begin to hunt for  God, the gap between China and the USA will continue to grow. To bring China and the USA together, the U.S. Congress must sit down and think deeply about this world of God. My books will open their minds.


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